One Piece Steel Cellar Entrance

Shipable Pre-Fabricated

Complete Stair & Packages

Pre-Fabricated units that include the bulkhead (top), walls, and steps. Simply bolt the unit to your foundation wall and backfill! Save time and money during construction of your new home, or easily add basement access to your existing home.


(Note: These complete units are not stair stringers that you can use inside existing stairwells to replace rotten wood steps.)

The easiest way to expand the living space of any home!

  • Modern & Attractive
  • Steel Construction
  • Durable & Maintenance-Free
  • Lightweight
  • Safe Escape in an Emergency
  • Can Be Installed Anywhere
  • Slide stairs down plank into hole
  • Suspend bar about 5’ above footing using 2×4’s
  • Attach come-alongs to third step (from bottom) and bar
  • With bottom of stairs resting against foundation plate
  • Caulk stair flange with Geocel 3300 polyurethane caulk
  • Pull tight
  • Drill and anchor with 3/8” lag bolts every 24” on center
  • Caulk the underside of the bulkhead where it will rest on the steps
  • Maneuver bulkhead frame over top of stairs
  • Using self tapping screws fasten top to stairs every 7-8 inches
  • Put doors back on frame
  • Caulk outside edge
  • Caulk stair flange with Geocel 3300 polyurethane caulk
  • Finish up by caulking any remaining gaps inside
  • Ready for finish coat of paint
Complete Stair and Top Unit

Steel Stairs And Top Combination (NOTE: Please call to get correct sizing information.)

$2352 + S&H


A Size For All Homes
*Sizes are based on finish grade height.

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