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  • Clear access for boom truck (101″ wide, even surface)
  • The width of the hole must be no more than 41″ for poured walls and 41″ for block walls
  • Hole excavated 8′ wide down the footer, back from the footer 3′ then graded up at a 45° angle
  • Hold back any foundation coating 12″ from the hole on all sides
  • If the wall is block, the last three cores on each side of the opening must be filled with concrete – not mortar
  • If you pour the slab prior to setting the stairs make sure there is no ‘over pour’ out the opening and no wood in the doorway
  • If you have a poured wall and you have the opportunity, pour 12″ high across the opening IN THE SAME POUR AS THE WALLS .
  • This leaves no cold joints and after the slab is poured, this becomes your first step.
  • The outside surface of the wall must be smooth and plumb.

Things that will void the waterproof guarantee:
Block walls that don’t have filled cores
Floor slabs not poured prior to setting the stairs
Floor slabs poured too short or out the doorway

Things that cost extra:
Return trip fee if the site is not ready
Digging fee if the site is not dug out properly
Replacement fees if the wrong size unit was ordered

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