Basement Door Features

Crawlspace / Well-Pit Doors
  • custom-features100% Steel Construction
  • Custom Built-No Stock Sizes
  • Fully-Welded Joints…No Bolts
  • Spring-Assisted Hinges
  • Multi-coat Iron Oxide Primer
  • Weather-Tight Design
Improved Security

improved-securitySTEELWAY doors are designed with security in mind. Our fully welded designs feature interior hinge and lock systems that prevent unwanted intruders from gaining access to your home or business.

Easy One-Handed Operation

one-handedSTEELWAY doors are designed to include a spring assist when door weight or size interferes with the ease of operation. At STEELWAY we realize every door is different and not just one type of hinge will do the job.

Unlimited Size Selection

Since every door is made to the exact measurements of the job site, costly extensions and inappropriate add-ons are a thing of the past.

Long Lasting

Heavy gauge hot rolled steel, fully-welded joints, and multiple iron oxide primer coats are just a few of the exclusive features that will ensure years of durable service when properly maintained.

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