Specification Sheet

Specifications for Entranceway Door

Provide entranceway cover with two doors of custom size by Steelway Cellar Doors, LLC., King of Prussia, PA. Constructed with minimum of 12 gauge hot rolled sheet steel with reinforcement as necessary. Provide each cover with two (2) hinged doors and an outside-mounted cast aluminum handle on the right door leaf. Doors will have four springs to assist in opening. The springs will be mounted directly to the ½” bar stock hinges and will not be exposed. The frame of the unit will have welded seams, especially the vertically oriented portions and a one-piece lintel to minimize potential rust. Doors and cover will be fabricated in such a manner that incorporates standing edges and returns to provide a watertight assembly. Provide an internal slide bar lock and hold-open rod. Provide with shop applied red oxide primer.


  1. Material: Galvanized steel
  2. Size: As indicated on the drawings
  3. Lift: Gas pistons (for very large, heavy doors of more horizontal orientation)
  4. Padlock tabs (inside or outside mounted)
  5. Outside keyed entry

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